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20 Years of original songwriting and performance

Influenced by vocalists such as Marianne Faithful, Edith Piaf, Suzi Quatro and Lucinda Williams, Sascha’s unique writing and vocal style exists somewhere between roots infused folk and pop-driven blues.
With an enduring curiosity to experiment with different collaborators, she has formed projects in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Wellington, New Zealand.

“Sascha Ion’s voice was made for smoky pubs, stadiums and basically anywhere the #!*& she wants to take it…….This girl has lived and still comes up shining like a diamond in all respects.” Drum Media

“Sascha Ion is someone not quickly forgotten.”

“ Sascha Ion is absolutely mesmerizing throughout. She may not leap about the stage swinging the microphone around her head like a lasso but when her shoulders hunch up and that black river of sound comes pouring out of her body there’s nothing you can do except gape in amazement. Wow…” Xpress Magazine

“The Perth trio was fronted by a very capable guitarist frontwoman, whose register-jumping vocals covered the verses like icing before the incredible cake of the heavy riffage of the choruses…………One Horse Town were such an impressive support act, I was worried about the headliner living up to the show.”

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